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China's response to new Coronavirus open, transparent, timely and responsible

China Disease Control: China's response to new coronary pneumonia has been open, transparent, timely and responsible

On April 27, the State Council Joint Defense and Joint Control Mechanism held a press conference. Regarding the question of China’s concealment of the epidemic situation of New Coronary Pneumonia, Wu Zunyou, chief expert in epidemiology of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that with regard to the prevention and control of New Coronary Pneumonia, the Chinese health department has always released the epidemic in an open, transparent and responsible manner To share prevention and control experience and promote international cooperation.

He used three "firsts" to summarize China's openness and transparency in the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Notify the World Health Organization of the epidemic situation as soon as possible, share the gene sequence of the new coronavirus to countries around the world, and strengthen the promotion of international cooperation as soon as possible.

Wu Zunyou also reviewed the timeline since the outbreak. He said that after the epidemic occurred in Wuhan, Hubei, at the end of December, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission issued an "Emergency Notice on Doing Unclearly Caused Pneumonia" on December 30. 


How did this notice come and why was such a notice issued? 

It was a doctor named Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine called Zhang Jixian. During the diagnosis, she found three suspicious patients and reported it to the local disease control department. The disease control department reported to the health committee. 

The health committee felt that this matter was very serious. It is important to ask whether other hospitals have such patients. The purpose of this notice is to let other hospitals also actively search for similar patients. 

After this notice was issued on December 30, the National Health and Health Commission and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention sent a team of experts to Wuhan to assist in the investigation on December 31 to figure out what happened to the epidemic.

On January 3, although it was unclear what the cause was, it notified the World Health Organization of this unexplained pneumonia and the United States and other countries. And from January 3, we have notified the World Health Organization and relevant countries from time to time of our prevention and control and research progress.
Chinese Disease Control: China's response to new coronary pneumonia has been open transparenttimely and responsible

On January 4th, the director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the director of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention made a video telephone connection, on the one hand, to inform us of unexplained pneumonia, and at the same time communicate how to carry out research and prevention and control.

The result was notified to the World Health Organization 

On January 9, China isolated the virus and determined that the new coronavirus was the main cause of unknown causes. The result was notified to the World Health Organization on January 9 and also shared with relevant countries in the international community.

On January 12, China shared the genetic sequence of the virus with the World Health Organization and uploaded the entire genetic sequence to the global influenza database. 

Countries around the world can produce diagnostic reagents based on this genetic sequence. This is China’s largest control of the new coronary pneumonia in the world. Contribution.

From January 20 to 21, the World Health Organization went to Wuhan to conduct an on-site inspection. From February 16 to February 24, a joint expert inspection team composed of the World Health Organization and China conducted research in Beijing, Guangdong, Sichuan and Wuhan, Hubei. Among the experts organized by the World Health Organization, there are major countries from the world, including two experts from the United States who participated in the inspection.

On March 12, the U.S. Embassy was invited to participate in the China New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control International Experience Sharing Conference organized by the Chinese Health Commission and the World Health Organization. 

On March 29, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention again held video teleconferences to exchange information on the progress of prevention and treatment.

Wu Zunyou said that from a series of time, China has always been open, transparent, timely, and responsible for this new coronary pneumonia.
In the face of the global spread of new coronary pneumonia, countries around the world should respect science, respect facts. We must unite to fight against New Coronary Pneumonia.
Only when the whole country and the whole world are united and working together will we be able to control New Coronary Pneumonia and gradually bring our lives back to normal.


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