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South Africa Launches clinical trial of BCG Vaccine against new Coronavirus

South Africa Launches clinical trial of BCG vaccine against new Coronavirus

A research institute in South Africa vaccinated hundreds of medical personnel on the 4th with BCG vaccine to explore whether this commonly used vaccine to prevent tuberculosis can be used to prevent new coronary pneumonia.


South African Research on Coronavirus

This clinical trial was conducted at the Tiger Berg Hospital in Cape Town. The project is a clinical research institution called TASK.

In a statement, TASK stated that they have vaccinated BCG for 250 medical staff and injected a placebo for another 250 medical staff.

Whether BCG can reduce risk of Coonavirus

BCG, which came out in 1921, is a widely-vaccinated anti-tuberculosis vaccine.

The TASK researchers said they hope that this trial will understand whether BCG can reduce the risk of new coronary pneumonia infection or reduce related symptoms.


According to media reports, the Netherlands, Australia and other countries are also carrying out similar clinical trial projects.




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