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WHO reiterated that Corona Virus comes from Nature

WHO reiterated that the virus comes from nature

The internal documents of the Trump administration are flowing out, and the content is amazing. The latest WHO real-time statistics show that 4,446,0321 cases of new coronary pneumonia have been diagnosed globally and 298,442 deaths.

Over 1.17 million cases diagnosed in the United States


New model predicts US deaths will exceed 130,000 in early August

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of May 4 at 5:32 pm EDT, there have been 1,177,784 new coronavirus infections in the United States, including 68,442 deaths. Compared with the data at 6:30 the previous day, there were 23,163 newly confirmed cases and 991 new death cases in the United States.


Internal documents of the Trump administration: the number of new diagnoses in the US on a single day may reach 200,000

The New York Times reported on May 4 local time that while the Trump administration was calling for a restart of the economy, an internal government document obtained by the New York Times showed that the government predicts that the number of single-day new coronary pneumonia deaths will increase on June 1. 3000 cases, almost doubled compared to the present.


This forecast, compiled by the US Federal Emergency Management Agency based on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, shows that at the end of the month, the number of newly diagnosed cases in the United States may reach 200,000.


University of Washington: Accumulated deaths or over 134,000 by August 4

The Institute of Health Indicators and Evaluation (IHME) of the University of Washington said on the same day that it revised a model of the epidemic prediction model that has received much attention.

The revised model prediction shows that by August 4, at least 134,000 people in the United States will die from the epidemic.


The institute revealed that after the modification of the modeling strategy, the entire model will use mobile data reported by four different mobile phone vendors, and use the data to reflect the impact of premature relaxation of the "maintain social distance" policy on the development of the epidemic.


The government is afraid of a gun riot to remove the mask requirement

According to several U.S. media reports, Stillwater, Oklahoma was recently forced to cancel the requirement that people enter indoor places such as restaurants or shops.

The rule of wearing a mask, because this rule not only met with strong opposition from some local people, but also the opponents threatened to violently resist this rule, and even threatened to use guns.


WHO reiterated that the COVID19 virus comes from Nature

Will Joye, the mayor of the city, was very dissatisfied with the behavior of these violent protesters.

He even posted on social media to blame these people for "shamelessness", emphasizing that "freedom and responsibility are complementary", but because of there is a lack of local police to ensure that the mask-wearing rule is implemented. To avoid violence, he can only remove the rule.


In an interview with NBC, he also confided his helplessness and deficiencies, and was unable to ensure that the policy was implemented.

WHO reiterated that the virus comes from nature! The internal documents of the Trump administration are outflowing, and the content is amazing.


Newly confirmed cases in Germany drop significantly


Partial deregulation

The new crown epidemic situation data released by the German Koch Institute for Disease Control on the 4th shows that as of 0:00 local time on the 4th, Germany had 679 new cases diagnosed in a single day, with a cumulative diagnosis of 163175 cases.

43 new death cases, cumulative 6692 cases; 2200 new cases were cured, a total of 132700 cases. The number of new cases has dropped significantly from the previous period.


According to the agreement previously reached between the German Federation and the Länder, from the 4th, barber shops across the country can reopen their business in compliance with hygiene regulations.


Saxony-Anhalt, which is relatively lightly affected by the epidemic, took the lead in relaxing social restrictions, allowing up to 5 people (from different families) to gather

Most states allow public facilities such as museums, zoos and botanical gardens, libraries, children’s playgrounds, etc. reopen under the conditions of sanitation and current restriction.

At the same time, the state decided not to relax the contact restrictions temporarily until May 24, that is, to continue to prohibit two or more non-family members from gathering in public.


Italy enters the first day of the second phase of the outbreak

The overall social order is stable and orderly.

May 4 is the first day that Italy announced that it has entered the second phase of the epidemic and relaxed some of its control measures.

According to local media reports, a total of 4.4 million people nationwide resumed work that day, and there was no obvious increase in passenger traffic in various regions, and the social order was stable and orderly.


On the morning of the 4th, at Milan Central Station, passengers heading to Naples in the south were required to take a temperature measurement and received travel document inspections.

More than 100 people queued outside the ticket gate. But the overall passenger flow in the station is not large.


In Rome, at 8 a.m., the Italian Minister of Transport and Infrastructure de Migelli came to Rome Termini Station to take a bus to work in order to understand the operation of public transport on the spot.

De Miguel wears a mask on the bus and pays attention to maintaining a social distance with others, but there are very few passengers waiting for the bus and riding on the spot.

Some manufacturing companies in Italy have partially resumed production on April 27 or even earlier, or have begun preparations for the resumption of production on May 4.

At the Fiat Chrysler Automobile Group's plant in Naples, the number of resuming employees is limited.

In addition to some of the personnel who have previously resumed work, more than 100 test drivers returned to work on the 4th day, but the automobile assembly production line has not yet resumed production.

The Whirlpool Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Plant, also located in Naples, conducted safety training for employees and issued protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and disinfectant before resuming work.


The bar in Rome has resumed business, but only offers take-out service. Customers line up to enter the store, and immediately leave with coffee and food after ordering.

Some people complain that the queue time is too long, but the overall order is good. Some businesses provided disinfectants and gloves to customers at the door.

In addition, parks in major cities in Italy have also reopened, and there have been many morning exercise runners in several major parks in Milan, and most of them wear masks.

However, according to the law, the children’s play area is still closed. In Venice, people have also started to resume production, but there are fewer tourists on the streets.


Britain is about to enter the unsealing period, Challenges to fight epidemic in office

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, as of May 5, Beijing time, the cumulative number of diagnoses in the UK reached 187,842 cases and the cumulative death toll reached 28,520 cases.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will review the current social segregation measures on May 7, and will release the unblocking plan with complete details on May 10.


According to a report by the BBC, the draft of the British government's plan to unblock may include measures to reduce office sharing and stagger working hours to avoid morning and evening peaks.

Since many office locations in the United Kingdom do not meet the requirement of maintaining a two-meter social distance between people, how to protect employees during the unblocking period has become a challenge for British employers.


British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said in an interview with the radio that employers may consider setting up physical protection facilities such as isolation panels to limit the time for close contact between colleagues.


Minister of the Cabinet Office Michael Gove said that until the vaccine is developed, measures to maintain social distance will continue to exist, and the government will strive to restore people's lives "as close to normal as possible."


But after relaxing the restrictions, if the epidemic occurs again, whether the employer will be held accountable is one of the key issues that the industry is most worried about.


Brazil diagnosed broke 100,000. The President takes the lead in protesting at home orders

On May 3 local time, Brazil has cumulatively diagnosed more than 100,000 cases of new coronary pneumonia, with a total of 7051 deaths.

On that day, Brazilian President Bossonaro attended the rally to protest the home orders issued by the states and called for a return to work as soon as possible.


Japan's Declaration of Emergency extended

Doctor: The cumulative diagnosis is about 100,000 per day.

According to Kyodo News, TBS TV and other media reports on the 4th, the research team of the Central Civic Hospital in Kobe City Medical Center, Japan announced on the 2nd that after examining the blood of 1,000 patients. It was found that about 3% had antibodies that showed that they had been infected with the new coronavirus, which does not include patients who are in first aid and have hot consultations.


In response, Dr. Goto Ryoji, a doctor at the Aichi Medical University Hospital in Japan, speculated that the actual number of new coronary pneumonia infections in Tokyo may be 20 to 25 times of the number of currently diagnosed infections (4568), or about 100,000 .


At around 5 pm on May 4th, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that he would extend the limitation of Japan's Declaration of Emergency Situations to May 31st, and the scope of application was for Japan.


According to the statistics of Tokyo Shoko Research, the number of bankruptcies of Japanese companies caused by the new crown epidemic reached 100 on April 27, among which hotel and other accommodation and catering accounted for about 40%. The problem of capital turnover has to choose bankruptcy.


Some Japanese private think tanks expect their GDP to decline by 5% in the first quarter. With Abe's announcement of an extension of the emergency declaration, SMBC Nikko Securities predicts that Japan's GDP in the second quarter will decrease by 22.4%.


The new crown epidemic also affected Japanese higher education. According to the survey results released by the Japanese student group "Free Higher Education Project" on April 29, 20% of college students said they were considering dropping out due to a decrease in their parents' income.


After India relaxes its prevention and control measures

hundreds of thousands of people queued to buy alcohol and were dispersed by the police


After the Indian government allowed low-risk areas to relax epidemic prevention measures, hundreds of people lined up outside the wine shops reopened in the Indian capital New Delhi on the 4th local time, and some teams even exceeded 500 people.


Comprehensive Reuters, "Hindustan Times" and other foreign media reported that this is the first time since India began to implement the blockade measures on March 25, more than one month after the restrictions were relaxed.

Reuters quoted an eyewitness as saying that at around 9:30 on the morning of the 4th, a long queue of more than 500 people had formed outside a wine shop in eastern New Delhi.

Due to the large number of people, the local police also dispersed the queue.


In addition, there are long queues outside many wine shops in Uttar Pradesh, India, and people start to line up at 7 in the morning. This scene also happened in Karnataka, where alcoholics have been waiting before the wine shop opens.


Reuters pointed out in the article that the loose policy may further promote the infection of new pneumonia in India.

At present, the number of confirmed cases in India is steadily increasing. According to the latest data released by the Indian Ministry of Health's official website, as of 8 a.m. local time on May 4, local cumulative diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia rose to 42533 cases, including 1373 deaths.

However, considering that millions of people still suffer from no income, some local governments in India hope to resume economic activity.


WHO reiterates that viruses come from nature

On the 4th local time, WHO held a press conference to address US President Trump and US Secretary of State Pompeo, saying that "the new crown pneumonia virus comes from the Wuhan Virus Research Institute." The relevant person in charge of the WHO said:


i. Coronavirus is generally spread in bats, and currently about 15,000 complete viral gene sequences show that the new coronavirus is not artificial.


ii. WHO has not received relevant evidence from the US that the virus came from the Wuhan Virus Research Institute.


iii. If the United States has relevant data or evidence, it should indicate whether or when such information can be shared publicly.



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