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Allergy Types and Their Prevention

What are Major Types of Allergies and their Prevention?

Allergy is an allergic reaction of the body, and it is an abnormal reaction of people to normal substances (allergens). People who are allergic to allergies will have allergies. Allergens include pollen, dust, allogenic proteins, Hundreds of chemical substances, ultraviolet rays, etc. Cough, runny nose, rhinitis attacks, these seemingly simple symptoms may be allergic reactions. Severe allergy symptoms can be fatal. Little allergies can not be ignored, introduce several allergens and countermeasures, protect yourself, and transfer to him / her you care about.


1. What is UV allergy?

After sun exposure, an acute damaging reaction will appear on the skin. Repeated sunburn will make the skin allergic to light and produce a photosensitivity reaction.

How to Avoid UV Allergy?

1. Try to avoid going out when the sunlight is too strong


2. Go out to wear an umbrella, wear a hat or wear long-sleeved clothes


3. You can apply sunscreen properly half an hour before going out, try it in the local area before choosing sunscreen, and then use it in a large area after confirming that you are not allergic.

2. What is Alcohol allergy?

Alcohol allergy is generally manifested as itching all over the body after drinking alcohol, with red bumps and red spots appearing all over the body or in part, and the duration is usually one to two days.


How to Avoid Alcohol Allergy?


1. Don't drink on an empty stomach

2. Don't drink carbonated drinks, so the ingredients in carbonated drinks can speed up the body's absorption of alcohol

3. Eat more green vegetables when drinking alcohol, and some fruits after drinking

4. Never drink alcohol after taking medicine


3. What are the allergies caused by pollen, dust and other substances?

Allergy to microorganisms in the air is the most common allergy. Allergy to dust includes allergies to cotton fiber, fur, various fibers, animal fur, etc.


How to Avoid the allergies caused by pollen, dust and other substances?


1. Pay special attention to precautions when changing seasons, and wear a mask when going out


2. Try not to go to places where the trees are lush and pets are concentrated.


What is Drug allergy?

Common allergens such as penicillin, streptomycin, xenogeneic serum, etc.


4. How to Avoid Drug Allergies?

Solution: scientific and reasonable medication under the guidance of a doctor

1. During the first or second time of taking the same medicine, if there is unexplained fever, rash with itching, or sudden chest tightness, palpitations, dizziness, etc. The drug allergic reaction should be considered in time and the doctor should be diagnosed and treatment


2. If you have a history of allergy to a certain drug, you must actively inform the doctor of the history of drug allergy every time you visit to avoid recurrence.



5. What is the situation of Allergic to food?

Common allergic foods are seafood, mango and nuts.


How to avoid the situation of allergic to food?

Solution: Doctor confirms diagnosis, calms and soothes


1. There is no cure for food allergies, you need to understand the allergens and stop eating this food again


2. When buying food, you should also observe the ingredients list. If there are foods that are easy to cause allergies, do not eat them.


6. What are the Allergies caused by contact with pets?

The proteins secreted by the oil glands of domestic pets, such as cats and dogs, are scattered into the air and may cause allergies if they adhere to human skin.


How to avoid the Allergies caused by contact with pets?

Solution: moisturizing, isolation


1. Give your pet a bath regularly to minimize the time that saliva stays on the pet


2. Try not to let pets enter the bedroom, often use a vacuum cleaner to clean the room, and often open the window to ventilate.


7. What are the Allergies caused by mites?

There are many pathogenic bacteria accumulated in the air conditioner, such as mites, dust, pollen and mold.

The toxins released after the mites bite the body can easily make people allergic, and newborns and children will be more sensitive to mite infections.


How to prevent the Allergies caused by mites?

Solution: regular cleaning, air conditioning and bedding are the key


1. The mites are suitable to survive in a dark environment at about 25 ° C, humidity 55% -75%, sun exposure, hot water scrubbing, etc. are fatal to mites.


2. People with allergic skin should frequently change pillows and quilt covers


3. Regularly clean the air-conditioning filter, pay attention to indoor ventilation, and if necessary, clean the air-conditioning external unit.

8. What are Cosmetic allergies?

Some ingredients in cosmetics may cause contact allergic dermatitis after being absorbed by the skin.


How to Prevent cosmetic allergies?

1. Understand your skin type and choose cosmetics that suit your skin


2. Choose cosmetics that do not contain lead and mercury to prevent chronic poisoning after long-term use


3. Do not use cosmetics that have been stored for too long


4. Skin test behind ears before choosing cosmetics


9. What are Meteorological Allergies?

Sudden changes in the weather can also cause a sense of discomfort and become a meteorological allergy, also known as cold allergy.

It occurs mostly during periods of sudden temperature drops, and it often occurs when entering the air-conditioned room from outside in summer.


How to avoid meteorological allergy?

Solution: strengthen exercise


1. Autumn things should be properly autumn frozen, adhere to cold water wash and cold water bath to improve the adaptability of the face, nose and throat to cold air


2. The clothes should be changed in time according to the weather changes to prevent colds and colds.


3. Pay attention to dietary adjustments to adapt to seasonal changes in solar terms.



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