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Closure of Largest Biochemical Chamber of the US military

The largest biochemical chamber of the US military closed

Recently, around the new crown epidemic, the United States has become more and more frequent in smearing and dumping our country. The methods and manufacturing topics used are also endless. The Virus Lab Leakage theory accused our laboratory of leaking the virus.

Pompeo also said that there is a large amount of evidence that the virus was leaked from the laboratory. In addition, Pompeo also requested that Westerners be allowed to enter the laboratory for investigation and verification.


Although Pompeo was very loud, he did not disclose what he called a large amount of evidence from the beginning to the end.

Even Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying shouted many times and asked him to take out the evidence.


Recently, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying responded to Pompeio's malicious remarks and allegations of bad intentions when he hosted the press conference.

Hua Chunying spent nearly 7 minutes to get up to the American laboratory. Hua Chunying highlighted that there are currently 13 P4 laboratories in the United States that are in operation or under construction, while the US P3 laboratory is even more.

There are as many as 1,495. At the same time, the United States is still a country that has so far refused to rejoin the international convention on the control of biological weapons.

400 accidents in US laboratories

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson also pointed out that in the past ten years, as many as 400 accidents have actually occurred in these US laboratories, especially at the P3 level, so these US biological laboratories have had accidents. It is quite high frequency.


Biochemcial Chambers

In the United States, the former Soviet Union’s laboratories in the Eastern European region have had large-scale infectious disease outbreaks in the location of the laboratory.

Even the United States’own media believes that experimental accidents and there has been a virus leak, and it seems to be a normal state of existence.

Emergency shutdown of the US military’s largest biological laboratory

In the United States, there are more and more voices about asking the US official to announce the real reason for the emergency shutdown of the US military’s largest biological laboratory last year.


In this regard, Hua Chunying asked the United States that since the United States has always advertised openness and transparency and has requested investigations into laboratories.

Can the United States develop its own laboratory and allow the investigation team to investigate the true origin of the epidemic?

In fact, as Hua Chunying said, many people in the United States feel weird about the closure of the Fort Decrete Biological Base in the United States, because immediately after the base closed, a mysterious disease appeared in the area near the base. In the future, a pandemic occurred in the entire United States.


Moreover, in order to achieve their own purposes, it is also a common thing for the United States to smear and smear others. At that time, the United States swore with a bottle of white granular powder that this was evidence from the United States intelligence service from Iraq, which has a large scale.

Weapons of destruction, and then the United States turned Iraq upside down in the next 17 years, but it did not find the weapons of mass destruction they had originally said.


Recently, a mayor of the United States claimed that he was infected with the epidemic in November last year, and there are several Americans with similar experiences around him. Although the American media naturally blocked the news about him or accused him of being bought. U.S. officials have also avoided speaking about the matter, but the U.S. health department has taken it seriously and started low-key contacts and investigations.

Therefore, the Virus Laboratory Leakage theory really deserves attention, but only in American laboratories.


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