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Diagnoses of COVID-19 in United States is increasing, More Infectious Viruses

The number of diagnoses in the United States is increasing day by day, and there are more infectious viruses

The death toll in the United States is now close to 80,000, but this is not the worst news. According to a report by the Los Angeles Times on the 5th local time, a national laboratory belonging to the United States once again released bad news. According to the latest research, the virus of new crown pneumonia appeared again, and scientists have discovered a new crown virus from it. Strains, and this strain is also the main reason for the surge in the number of infections in the United States.

Although this new strain has not been determined to be more lethal, it is undoubtedly more infectious.


In USA COVID-19 diagnosis

In response to the newly discovered strains and the recent spread of the outbreak in India, Africa and other places outside the United States, the global outbreak has become even more difficult. The online epidemic meeting was convened.

Anti-epidemic cooperation between countries

In addition to announcing the latest news of the epidemic and discussing future anti-epidemic cooperation between countries, it also included a new round of fund-raising work.

The conference raised a total of 7.4 billion euros, which will be mainly used for vaccine research and development and subsequent large-scale manufacturers.

However, this time the United States refused to attend again, and even the move caused dissatisfaction from American allies.


As the United States treats the "willfulness" and "irresponsibility" of the epidemic, it is making the world more dangerous.

Nowadays, most of the United States has a broken and broken appearance, which not only does nothing to prevent and control the epidemic, but also encourages the nation to resume work and resume production. It has no fear that the epidemic will cause a new round of outbreaks in the United States and even the world.

Even during the May Day, American media exposed that countless Americans walked out of their homes and gathered to enjoy the "holiday sunshine lunch" from the ground.

Once exposed, it caused a lot of dissatisfaction and accusations from American doctors, thinking that the doctor ’s efforts were like A "joke". They desperately try to save lives, even at their own risk.

But the American people simply don't care, and even regard the doctors' efforts as a joke that has nothing to do with themselves.


Group immunization

Regardless of the contradictions and entanglements in the US’s attitude towards the epidemic, the US approach has shown the US attitude to countries around the world, that is, they may really intend to try group immunization and no longer specifically control and contain the epidemic.

It doesn't even care whether the indulgence of the US epidemic will cause the global epidemic to intensify.

Such a willful United States has even "broken" the hearts of many allies, making the American allies embarrassed.

Because the United States' "flying self" means that the United States will also ask its allies to cooperate with it in opening up trade, which may lead to the failure of previous efforts against the epidemic.


So what exactly does the United States and Trump want to do? Did they just watch the Americans die in the epidemic and be indifferent? In fact, it is. For the Trump administration, as long as the economy recovers and people start to work again, it will be able to save the current bankruptcy crisis of many Americans, and at the same time it can alleviate the recent surge in unemployment in the United States. pressure.


In this way, it can help Trump increase his approval rating among the people. As for the blind emphasis on the economy and the resumption of trade unions, how many Americans died in the epidemic, but the Trump administration is not particularly concerned. Even according to economic algorithms, the more Americans die, the more they can save unemployment benefits, ease the pressure on the medical system and employment, the more economically cost-effective.


So, whether the current death of 70,000 or 100,000 people or more may be the same for the Trump administration.

The key is that the economy cannot crash, then the United States is still that powerful United States. Trump still has a lot of Probability to be re-elected as president.

It has to be said that the Trump administration today has a lot of attitudes about killing people and not taking American lives seriously.


Perhaps in Trump's view, the more people who die, the less economic pressure the US authorities face, but this idea cannot be said publicly. When the Trump administration and the United States do not care how many people die, perhaps the epidemic has really become "not so terrible." After all, a country that does not even worry about how many people die, what kind of epidemic can defeat it? What do you think of this, please leave a message to tell us in the comments below.

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