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Directions on COVID-149 which Most Countries Issue

Guidelines on COVID-149 that Most Countries are Issuing

As the prevention and control of the New Coronavirus epidemic has entered normalization, in order to solidly promote the relevant work of epidemic prevention and control, laboratory biosafety supervision and management are further strengthened.

And other laws and regulations, countries are propsinge the following requirements for the laboratory biosafety supervision and management:


1. Strict requirements for new coronavirus experimental activities

According to the transmission characteristics, pathogenicity and clinical data of the new coronavirus, the new coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2, hereinafter referred to as the new coronavirus) is managed according to the second category of pathogenic microorganisms.

All local health committees are required to strictly require all biosafety laboratories to carry out relevant experimental activities in accordance with the following protection requirements:

The cultivation of new coronavirus virus and animal infection experiments should be carried out in laboratories of biosafety level 3 and above; the operation of uncultivated infectious materials It should be carried out in the biosafety secondary laboratory, while using the personal protection of the biosafety tertiary laboratory; the operation of inactivating materials should be carried out in the biosafety secondary laboratory; molecular cloning and other operations that do not contain pathogenic live viruses , Can be carried out in a biosafety laboratory.


2.  Do a good job of nucleic acid testing laboratory biological safety service guarantee and standard management

According to the "Biosafety Guidelines for New Coronavirus Laboratories" (Second Edition), the detection of new coronavirus nucleic acids should be conducted in the biosafety secondary laboratory, and the personal protection of the biosafety tertiary laboratory should be adopted.

All local health committees are required to proactively connect with biosafety laboratories responsible for the detection of new coronavirus nucleic acid, do a good job in record management, strengthen technical guidance and proactive services, and provide a strong guarantee for improving the detection capacity of new coronavirus nucleic acid in the jurisdiction.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Guidelines simulation

The safety laboratory standardizes the operation procedures of the new crown sample testing, actively organizes and conducts training in experimental operation techniques, personal protection, and disposal of test samples to enhance the biological safety awareness of nucleic acid testing personnel and ensure the safety of the testing personnel and surrounding environment.


3. Strengthen the supervision of high-level biosafety laboratories

Provincial health committees should guide all high-level biosafety laboratories in their jurisdictions to do biosafety management strictly in accordance with the "Regulations on Pathogenic Microbiology Laboratory Biosafety Management" and relevant technical specifications, and conduct relevant experimental activities within the approved scope.


4. Strengthening the management of new coronavirus strains and related samples


The local health committees must strictly manage the new coronavirus strains and related samples in accordance with laws and regulations to ensure safety.


i. Transportation of virus strains and related samples

The transportation of new coronavirus strains and potentially infectious materials should be strictly managed in accordance with the Regulations on the Transportation of Species or Samples of Highly Pathogenic Microorganisms (Poisons) Infecting Humans. Provincial health committees should strengthen the supervision and management of the strains and related sample storage units, and strictly prevent and prevent unauthorized transportation without approval.

Provincial health committees are requested to provide new coronavirus strains or vaccine strains using the new coronavirus as the parent virus to other laboratories or units to provide new coronavirus strains to other laboratories or units

At the time of the certificate formalities, the materials to be transported, the originating unit, the receiving unit, the planned transportation time, the transportation quantity, the use and other information and the copy of the quasi-transport certificate and other materials shall be provided to the Science and Education Department of our committee in time.


ii. Preservation and destruction of relevant samples

Provincial health committees should timely research and judge and put forward opinions on the disposal of biological samples for the detection of new coronavirus laboratory according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control and laboratory biosafety requirements.

For those that really need to be preserved, they should be designated as soon as possible by the institutions that have the conditions for preservation to be preserved according to the principle of relative concentration, or sent to the national-level bacteria (poison) species preservation center. Relevant requirements are promptly destroyed.


iii. Isolation and preservation of virus strains

Provincial health committees are urged to urge all high-level biosafety laboratories within their jurisdiction to report the newly isolated new coronavirus strains to the Science and Education Department of our committee.


iv. All localities should guide the high-level biosafety laboratories to do well in the experimental data and strain management

Within 90 days after the isolation of the new coronavirus strain, apply to the national-level bacterial (poison) seed deposit center for deposit, and complete the relevant experimental activities in time Send the new coronavirus strain to the depository for deposit.


v. Strengthen data security management

Local health committees should strengthen data security training for relevant personnel, enhance safety awareness, and guide relevant agencies to strengthen information management of new coronavirus strains and samples to prevent leakage of sensitive information such as personal privacy of patients.


vi. Strengthen laboratory biosafety supervision

Provincial health committees should effectively strengthen organizational leadership, enhance laboratory biosafety supervision capabilities, strictly perform localization supervision duties, carry out laboratory biosafety supervision work in accordance with the principles of localization and classification, and strengthen the supervision and inspection of new coronavirus experimental activities.

To guide relevant agencies within the jurisdiction to strengthen biosafety management, carry out experimental activities in accordance with law and regulations, prevent laboratory leaks or personnel infections, and ensure the safety of laboratory biosecurity.




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