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Is having Sex While being Pregnant Safe?

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

There might be considerable ideas of someone pregnant drinking coffee, cola and eating ice cream crabs can cause miscarriages. However, there have been various taboos about pregnancy since ancient times. One of the first is that you can't do sex during pregnancy.

For those who have money and status, their wives are pregnant, and they have bridesmaids to solve their physical needs.

If you have no money or no status, you can only hold it or solve it by yourself.

If you want to go to a special place to solve the problem, you don’t have the strength.

Some men with three wrong views will go to the widow in the next village to vent the fire.


Although there are also beautiful pictures of the same room in pregnancy in the book that was handed down in ancient times, it is not the mainstream after all.

Now, the opposite is true. If you search for the keyword "sex during pregnancy" on the Internet, you are guaranteed to get a positive answer.


However, the influence of traditional ideas is still very strong, even if scientists and doctors repeatedly tell us through hard work statistics, we can have sex during pregnancy.

Many people are still waiting for their enemies, fearing that their children will be pestered. Therefore, we can still often hear all kinds of wives taking pregnant women's bloody plots.

You will get answers to all of the following questions:

    Q1: Is it possible to get pregnant during pregnancy?


    Q2: Will it hurt the baby during pregnancy?


    Q3: Will orgasm cause miscarriage or premature delivery?


    Q4: Is there no sexual desire during pregnancy or is sexual desire particularly strong and normal?


    Q5: Can you have oral sex during pregnancy?


    Q6: Can I use props during pregnancy?


    Q7: Do I need to wear a sleeve during pregnancy?


    Q8: What is the most suitable posture?


    Q9: When should I see a doctor?


Q1.  Is it possible to get pregnant during pregnancy?

If you review a large number of relevant professional studies and suggestions including NCBI, BMJ, the most professional medical service website in the United States, Babycenter, a British childcare website, and the Chinese Journal of Sexual Sciences. You can tell everyone responsibly: some can. Some cannot.


Let us talk about what is not possible first:

        For multiple abortions in the past, No.

        Vaginal bleeding or abnormal fluid flow, No.

         Placenta previa, No.

 If there are sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and AIDS, No

         No for more than 2 babies and above

         No for previous cervical surgery or cervical insufficiency.

         No, if you have a history of premature birth.

         No for history of gynecological cancer

Of course, the above must not be absolutely impossible, just that the risk is too high, and it is not recommended to have sex during pregnancy.

Other low-risk pregnant women who do not have the above conditions or special comorbidities can have sex.

Sex is considered safe during all stages of a normal pregnancy. Any stage of pregnancy is safe.


Q2. Will the baby hurt during pregnancy?

Under normal circumstances, the amniotic sac and the uterine muscle wall tightly wrap the fetus, and the fetus is safe inside.

The mucus in the cervix during pregnancy forms a mucus plug to close the cervix to prevent infection.

What's more, as far as the average level of men's size is concerned, penis can't stab her baby.


Q3. Will orgasm cause miscarriage or premature delivery?

According to a survey of 10,981 low-risk pregnant women, it is found that pregnant women who have sex during pregnancy do not increase the probability of premature birth and miscarriage compared with pregnant women who do not have sex during pregnancy.

Even for low-risk pregnant women who have frequent sex during pregnancy (more than a week), the risk of premature delivery has not increased.

Benefits of Sex during pregnancy

A woman's vagina and pelvic floor muscles contract during orgasm. This feeling is very similar to contractions, but in fact this feeling is completely different from contractions during labor.

Q4. Is there no sexual desire during pregnancy or is sexual desire particularly strong and normal?

In the first trimester, many pregnant mothers will experience dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other early pregnancy reactions, the body suffers from suffering, naturally no interest.

By the second trimester, the vagina secretes more fluids, and genital congestion may also make the body more sensitive, and some people will show stronger sexual desire.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, as the body gradually became bulky, many pregnant mothers became less interested.

But in fact, according to research, more than 70% of pregnant women have reduced sexual desire during pregnancy due to a combination of psychological and physical factors.


Q5. Can you babble during pregnancy?

In most cases, oral use during pregnancy is okay. You can lick, kiss, bite, and suck, but for one thing, never blow into the vagina.

It is reported that maternal death is caused by air embolism caused by blowing air into the vagina.


Q6. Can I use props during pregnancy?

Hands, vibrators, vibrating eggs and the like can be used, but they must be clean.


Q7.  Do I need to wear female condom during pregnancy?

Many people may feel that since they are pregnant, there is no requirement for contraception. You can take off your pants and dry them directly. However, another important function of condoms is that they can prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Moreover, some components in semen may cause the uterus to contract. Although the cervical mucus plug is blocking, this risk can be avoided.

Q8. What is the most suitable posture during pregnancy?

The above are the more recommended postures, how comfortable and how to come, the most important thing is to avoid oppressing the belly of the pregnant woman.


Q9.  When do I need to see a doctor for during pregnancy?

Seek medical attention as soon as possible if you have abnormal abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, or vaginal fluid.

If you have doubts about sexual life during pregnancy, you can also consult a doctor at any time.

Positions while having Sex during pregnancy, infographic


As mentioned above, in fact, not everyone has a need during pregnancy. If there is a need, then the above answer can solve the doubts of many people.

Another thing to remind everyone is that no matter who wants to, the other party conducts proper communication and interaction. Also, the movement should be as gentle as possible.

But if there is really no interest or cannot overcome this obstacle psychologically, don't embarrass yourself.

In fact, after a woman becomes pregnant, the nipple and areola breasts will become bigger, the micro-emulsions will become big breasts, and the big breasts will become explosive breasts.

The changes in the body will make the pregnant women add a different kind of sexiness. If men really want to spank, then all your men will not miss it. After all, this opportunity may only be twice in a lifetime.


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