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Loose or Relaxed Vagina Tightening

Relaxation of Vagina

What should I do if my child's vagina relaxes after birth?

Know that every woman enjoys the process of being a mother, because being a mother is very happy, even if you have a baby, you have a complete family.

Sometimes, although happy, sometimes it is not sexually blessed, because the birth of a child will lead to vaginal relaxation, and vaginal relaxation will affect the quality of sexual life.

So, what should be done after the child is born?

Procedures to improve vaginal relaxation

Traditional methods to improve vaginal relaxation at different levels: So, how should postpartum women, or women who have already experienced vaginal relaxation, do pelvic muscle training?

The traditional Chinese health-care method of "collecting anus and lifting gas" can be well forged practice pelvic muscles.


Natural Method to Tighten Vagina

Every morning and evening in a fresh air place, inhale deeply after inhaling. At the same time, like anxiety, urination, contraction of the anus, so repeated more than 100 times.

When you get used to it, you can do it in your daily life. It does not depend on the number of times.

You can do the above exercises with time. After a certain period of training, the tension of the pelvic muscles will be greatly improved, and the muscles around the vagina will become rich and powerful.

And the interruption of urination training can also improve the muscle tension around the vagina, the method is:

Urination interruption exercise during urination, half of urination endure not to interrupt the urine, continue to urinate after a short pause. Do repeatedly. After a period of exercise, the muscle tension around the vagina increases and the vagina narrows.


Vaginal tightening surgery will significantly improve the quality of sexual life

when proper exercise can not make up for this regret, not only does it not have sexual pleasure, but also dissatisfaction with the husband, even women with vaginal wall bulging, You should go to the hospital early to do vaginal tightening.


Natural ways or Procedures to Tighten Vagina Naturally

Simple Surgery to Tighten Vagina

Vagina tightening is actually a very small operation in genital plastic surgery. The operation is simple. It can be completed under local anesthesia and does not require hospitalization. The quality of sexual life after surgery will be significantly improved.

Patients only need to go to the hospital for non-menstrual period for relevant preoperative examinations, especially gynecological examinations, and perform the operation within 7-10 days after menstruation. Two months later, the normal life of the couple can be restored.



Through the introduction of the above editor, if the woman has a loose vagina, it is indeed possible to perform surgery. Because there are a lot of people who do this kind of plastic surgery now, it is related to the happiness and harmony of the family. But it does not mean that the operation is done, you must go to the hospital to understand the specific situation and then do it.


Author's Bio

Name: Ian Skyler

Education: MBBS, MD

Occupation: Medical Doctor 

SpecializationCommunity Medicine, General Surgery, Natural Treatment

Experience: 18 Years as a Medical Practitioner


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