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12 Market Trends Under the COVID-19 Epidemic. Top Business Gainers

12 products that have skyrocketed globally during the COVID-19 corona virus have made a splash.

A calm perspective under the impetuous mood of the cross-border e-commerce industry,

Carefully polished, the boss’s internal reference is worth seeing,

Focus deeply and think seriously.

Few incidents can have such a profound impact on all countries in the world. Under this epidemic, we have specially set up this section to restore the true feelings and reactions of global consumers.

12 Market trends under the COVID-19 epidemic

The new coronavirus has affected the entire world, leaving millions of people unemployed. Nevertheless, for some industries, there is still a bright light shining in this epidemic, but most people cannot see it. 
It is estimated that more than 14 million employees will be unemployed in the United States by June, and it is estimated that the unemployment rate may be worse than during the Great Depression.

Therefore, whether or not you know the e-commerce industry, it is strongly recommended to check out the online sales business. Now, for those sellers or companies that are doing online sales in any form, we have prepared a list of products, because some trends have been promoted during the coronavirus pandemic.

It's not about products like N95 masks and hand sanitizers, but something else. I believe you will soon be able to sell higher profits on Amazon, eBay or some other websites. Amazon has prioritized the delivery of medical supplies and household items during this period, which highlights the importance of these products during this period.
Representation of Top Business and Products Gainers During COVID19 Pandemic

We will analyze the 24 products sold during the coronavirus period, which will be divided into two articles, this is the first article.

1. Air Purifier

During this coronavirus period, the air purifier suddenly ushered in a surge in demand.

In fact, it is not surprising that the air purifier helps to purify pollutants in the air and improve indoor air quality. 

Generally speaking, the demand for products rises during Christmas and New Year. As can be seen from the global trend chart, in April 2020, the demand for air purifiers has risen rapidly, which is definitely related to COVID-19.

2. Razor Beard Trimmer

The razor became a necessity for men during isolation at home.

Since the services of barber shops have been closed globally, the demand for trimming products has greatly increased in various regions.

3. Canned Food

The blockade in various countries has caused confusion in the shortage of food supplies. Subsequently, the demand for canned food has risen significantly.

As you can see from the picture above, the demand for canned food is higher than ever. People are hoarding food in a frantic plan.

4. Cushion Chair Cushion

Working from home directly affects the demand for office equipment, and chair cushions are one of them.

Global trends indicate that the demand for chair cushions has suddenly increased. Therefore, this is the best time to sell all items related to office equipment.

5. Office chairs office chairs

Similar to the situation with cushions, the demand for office chairs has also increased significantly after the policy of segregation at home has been implemented.

After a sharp surge, the demand for office chairs seems to be slowing. However, we still have the opportunity to sell this product during COVID-19.

6. Casual pants Chinos

During isolation, people are looking for casual pants. Because it is a semi-casual pants made of 100% cotton, it is a more comfortable pants.

This kind of clothing generally has the same trend throughout the year, but there have been several peaks in the month since the virus broke out. This shows that it is also one of the best-selling products during the epidemic.

7. Coffee maker coffee maker

Most may not agree, but the coffee machine has indeed become part of the office equipment.

If you analyze the trend of the past 5 years, the demand for coffee machines will increase during Christmas and New Year, but it should not be the case that sales should rise in this time period. Therefore, the cause of the epidemic has increased the demand for coffee machines.

8. Dishwasher Detergent

Dishwashers are a common household appliance, but the demand for all household appliances has increased significantly due to the impact of the new crown virus.

The increase in detergent demand is foreseeable. It can be seen from the rise of detergents, how much demand for this product can help us make money during the epidemic.

9. Facial Mask

After the news of quarantine came out, the demand for household and beauty products increased.

As can be seen from the above trends, the global demand for facial masks has grown rapidly. The trend of facial masks is now more popular than ever.

10. Lip Mask

Similar to the facial mask, the trend of the lip membrane has suddenly jumped.

Over the years, the trend of the lip membrane has gradually increased. However, COVID-19 makes it one of the best-selling products.

11. Spray Bottle Spray Bottle

People are making their own detergents and disinfecting products.

The trend of spray bottles rose sharply in the last week of March, which is undoubtedly the impact of COVID-19.

12. Slippers House Slippers

The current demand for household goods is growing rapidly, and house slippers are one of the unprecedented changes in demand after isolation.

Global trends indicate that the demand for household slippers has increased during Christmas. However, there was an unprecedented short peak in March. This shows that the current demand for this product is very large.


If you are looking for products, or you want to find a factory with a certain production capacity, or your inventory products hope to have more channels to help distribution, you can leave a message in the article comment area or public number background. This will enable others to see and interact.

We hope to pay attention to the real conditions of first-line factories and sellers in as many ways as possible.


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