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Progress in Modern Medical and Health Conditions

Development of Modern Medical and Health Conditions, getting better and better

With the strong voice of reform and opening up, the medical and health undertakings of our cities and villages have undergone rapid changes in the past 40 years. From sphygmomanometers, thermometers, three old pieces of stethoscopes to high-tech large-scale diagnosis and treatment equipment.

Fom long-term and difficult medical treatment to the establishment of a medical and health service system covering urban and rural areas.

From dilapidated low-rise old buildings to spacious and bright medical treatment buildings.

Also, from long queues for medical consultations, payment and collection of reports, to mobile phone appointments, payment and collection of reports without waiting in line.

The great changes in medical and health services have improved people's livelihood Well-being makes people feel more attentive to see a doctor.

  • Changes in the eyes of village doctors
  • You can see a doctor at your doorstep
  • The health of the people is guaranteed

A village doctor in county side, has been engaged in medical work for nearly 30 years, and he has also witnessed the welcome changes in the first-class medical conditions in our city.


"In the past, the medical conditions in the rural areas were very poor, with only three traditional stethoscopes, thermometers, and sphygmomanometers.

The first-class clinics in Villages had poor facilities and very few beds. Except for barefoot doctors and a few medicines, there was almost nothing else."

Medical conditions in the villages

In the past, villagers were far away and difficult to see a doctor.

Due to the poor medical conditions in the village, sometimes a minor illness had to go to the county town for medical treatment, and it took half a day to see the doctor.

Now the medical conditions are good, the villagers can see the doctor at the door for each minor and major illness.

Without going out of the village, there are family doctors who contract with the doctor to visit the service regularly.

Condition of the doctor's office have changed

Take a hypothetical situation of a village doctor, at first the village clinic did not even have a fixed place, and the clinic was located in his adobe house of less than 4 square meters. The indoor setting was unreasonable. Later, he rebuilt his house and moved into the newly built bricks and tiles.

 The conditions of the doctor's office have changed, but only the stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, thermometer and some commonly used scattered pills are still available. This is all the family health of the village clinic.


Doctors happy in village clinics

Speaking of the current village clinic, the doctor was very happy. The current village clinic has long been built as a single building, and the consultation hall, pharmacy, treatment room, and ward are all available, just like a "mini-hospital" with all the internal organs. At the same time, all counties (districts), townships (towns), and villages in our city are also equipped with medical graduates to serve the grassroots.

Construction of rural public health service system

In recent years, our city has further promoted the construction of rural public service system, made great progress on the road of ensuring and improving people's livelihood, and effectively improved the quality of life of grassroots people.

Simulation for Modern Medical and Health Conditions Progress

In particular, in terms of medical treatment at the grassroots level, the shortcomings of rural medical resources have been filled, the rural public health service system has been improved, and the medical conditions in poor mountainous areas have been fully upgraded and upgraded, and the conditions for medical treatment have changed.

  • Changes in the eyes of citizens
  • Internet + medical era


Seeing a doctor is more convenient now

Imagine, a man accompanied his wife to the Municipal People's Hospital. Entering the spacious and bright outpatient hall, the man did not queue up for registration at the registration window, but took his wife straight to the consultation room.


"A man registered online directly through the Medical mobile App, and the appointment is an obstetrician expert number." The man said, "The appointment registration is not only convenient and quick. But as long as the medical insurance identity information is registered, the registration can also directly enjoy reimbursement.

After the preferential price, the most heart-warming thing is that you don’t have to wait in line to go to the clinic.

You can make an appointment on your mobile phone and arrive 10 minutes in advance. The error between the front and back visits is only three or five minutes, which is very convenient! "

Online Medical Apps

"Open the Medical App, not only can complete the appointment registration, can check the medical examination results, medical expenses, and can also conduct a satisfaction survey." 

The man, who appreciates the convenience brought by Internet + medical, is full of praise for this.

"Sometimes when you come to the hospital, you need to do a few tests, some can get the results on the same day, and some can only get them in a few days.

If it is in the past, you have to run the test report several times. Now these problems can be done on the mobile app. It’s easy to do, great."


Convenient Clinical Visits

An employee of the Municipal People's Hospital, introduced that in the past, the traditional medical model, the public could only squeeze in the outpatient hall to queue up and wait for medical treatment.

The process is complicated and the waiting time is long. In order to improve the patient's medical experience, in recent years, the hospitals have continuously optimized the outpatient medical treatment process. They launched a variety of appointment registration methods to make it easier and more convenient for citizens to visit the clinic.

Internet for Medical Purposes

Nowadays, the era of Internet + medical is subtly changing medical services. Now it is a reality to use mobile phones to reserve experts. The remote consultation system has already been opened, and minimally invasive surgery has also been widely used in clinical establishments.


Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, people have truly felt the development of modern medical cause. Especially with the popularization of Internet technology, the promotion of Internet + medical in the field of medical services has made ordinary people beneficiaries.


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