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Vaginitis Treatment and Prevention

Prevention and Treatment of Vaginitis

Q. I am 22 years old and just had sex this month. This time after finishing my aunt's itching, there are a lot of secretions.

Did I have vaginitis? Super scared, what should I do?

What should I do if my female ticket got vaginitis?


    I have fungal vaginitis. It has not been good to reuse the medicine for 2 months. It is really shameful. I dare not let my roommate find that there is no way to go to the hospital every day.

    The vagina was very itchy after coming to the aunt this time. I am now physically and mentally broken. I was nineteen and still in college. I'm not that kind of casual girl. I dare not talk to my family about such things. Too scared.



Vaginitis Study

For obstetrics and gynecology, vaginitis is really the disease we are most familiar with. More than 50% of obstetrics and gynecology clinics are due to vaginitis. There are also people who originally checked for other diseases. As a result, a leucorrhea also revealed a vaginitis.


Although vaginitis is a minor problem, it is very annoying. And the health problems related to below are always accompanied by deep shame, and they also worry about the eyes of friends, partners and even strangers.


Whether it is middle school students, college students, newly married women, mothers who have children. It doesn't matter whether it's an ordinary employee, a civil servant, a teacher, a policeman, a doctor, or a big star.


As long as she is a woman, whether or not she has sex, she is very likely to suffer from vaginitis.

In fact, as long as we have a correct understanding, vaginitis is not so terrible.

Let's talk about it today: how to calmly and scientifically face the vaginitis that makes little fairies lose their color.


What is vaginitis?

First of all, there are many kinds of microorganisms in the normal vagina, but the ecological balance between the vagina and these microorganisms is not pathogenic.

And the pH (3.8-4.4) of estrogen, lactobacillus and vagina in the vagina can inhibit the growth of other pathogens and make the vagina have a self-purifying effect.


Therefore, if the internal environment of the vagina is destroyed, it will make the bacterial flora imbalance, causing some bacteria to increase in the vagina, causing vaginitis.


Many little fairies do not know whether they have been brainwashed by the advertisement of "washing is healthier" or they themselves feel that the following is not clean and they need to be washed hard, or they are addicted to cleansing.


Treat and Prevent Vaginitis

Originally, there were cleaners in the vagina of your own. With this punch, the cleaner of the vagina was washed away. This is good, without the cleaners, some bacteria will start to grow wildly and become wild monsters. So girls, washing will not be healthier.


In addition, if other pathogens invade the vagina, it can also cause vaginitis.


What are some Common types of Vaginitis?

Bacterial vaginitis (BV)

It is a mixed infection caused by the imbalance of normal flora in the vagina.

Causes of Bacterial Vaginitis

Lactobacillus decreased, causing other microorganisms, mainly anaerobic bacteria, to multiply.

May be related to frequent sexual intercourse, multiple sexual partners or vaginal lavage to change the pH of the vagina.


Symptoms of Bacterial Vaginitis

Increased vaginal secretions, fishy smell caused by anaerobic bacteria multiplying amines, especially after sexual life will increase, may be accompanied by mild genital itching or burning sensation.


Leucorrhea examination

1. The secretions are white, homogeneous and thin


2. Positive clue cells


3. PH > 4.5


4. Positive amine odor test


Three of the above four types can be diagnosed as bacterial vaginitis.


Treatment of Bacterial Vaginitis

Metronidazole is the first choice, and can be taken orally or metronidazole suppository. Consult your doctor for specific medication dosage and time according to personal circumstances and test results.


Fungal vaginitis (VVC)

Also called vulvovaginal candidiasis, an endogenous infection caused by candida. According to statistics, about 75% of women have suffered from VVC at least once in their lives, and 45% have experienced 2 or more times.


Cause of Fungal Vaginitis

Candida is an opportunistic pathogen. There can be a small amount of parasitism in the vagina, which generally does not cause symptoms. Only when the cellular immunity of the whole body and the vagina is reduced, the bacteria will multiply and the symptoms will appear.


Long-term application of antibiotics, pregnancy, oral contraceptives, diabetes, a large number of immunosuppressants, wearing tight chemical fiber underwear, obesity, etc. will reduce the body's immunity or increase estrogen or local temperature and humidity of the perineum, which are beneficial to Candida. Reproduction.


Symptom of Fungal Vaginitis

    Vulva itching, burning pain, pain during intercourse, and dysuria. (Some serious patients often say "itchy, restless" itching.) Some discharge. Usually odorless or slight odor.

The medical community just likes to use food to disgust people, and can no longer eat some adverse food.


Vulva erythema and edema. Congestion and edema of the vaginal mucosa.


Treatment of Fungal Vaginitis

Mainly based on local short-course antifungal drugs. The efficacy of azole drugs is higher than that of nystatin.


Treatment of complex VVC

There are 4 or more episodes of VVC that are symptomatic and confirmed by mycology within one year.

Treatment: Local suppository or oral antifungal treatment.

    Consolidation treatment: Add oral medication once a week for 6 consecutive months.

According to the law of recurrence, local medication can be used to consolidate treatment before recurrence every month.

The diagnosis should be confirmed before treatment, and the efficacy and side effects of the drug should be monitored during the period.

Treatment of sexual partners: About 15% of men have balanitis after contact with female patients, and symptomatic men should be treated at the same time.


Trichomonas vaginitis

Caused by Trichomonas vaginalis. Is a common sexually transmitted disease. About 60% have bacterial vaginosis.



    Mainly spread directly through sexual intercourse. Trichomonas is easy to grow in the supermarket environment of PH5.2-6.6. Not only parasitic in the vagina, but also invade the urethra, bladder, foreskin folds or prostate. Indirect transmission: public baths, bathtubs, bath towels, swimming pools, toilets, clothing, contaminated equipment, etc.


Symptom of Trichomonas Vaginitis

The secretions were thin purulent, yellow-green, foamy, and smelly. Itching may occur in the vulva and vagina.

When accompanied by urinary tract infections, there may be frequent urination, dysuria and hematuria. Trichomonas vaginalis can engulf sperm, leading to infertility.

Treatment Trichomonas Vaginitis

The main treatment drugs are metronidazole and tinidazole. Systemic medication is generally required.


Drinking alcohol is prohibited during medication and within 72 hours of withdrawal. Sexual partners are treated at the same time. Avoid sex during treatment.


When should I see a doctor for Vaginal Problems?

If you have any vulvar or vaginal discomfort and abnormal secretions, you should go to the hospital in time and treat them symptomatically according to the results of the examination. Especially the first treatment must be standardized.


Some girls are embarrassed by shame and are embarrassed to go to the hospital for medical treatment, so they buy medicines to use according to the knowledge found on the Internet.

Because there is no diagnosis based on the examination as the basis for treatment, it is very easy to cause the wrong medication, causing aggravation or recurrence.


All medicines should be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Girls should not delay the treatment because of shame.


How to prevent Vaginitis?

Many patients often report that they have taken the medicine as prescribed, but the symptoms are still not good. In fact, many times because the doctor's clinic is relatively busy, some of the advice about life habits will be missed.


From the etiology of vaginitis we know above increased estrogen, decreased immunity, sex life, diabetes, vaginal flushing, etc.

In fact, lifestyle habits play a vital role in the occurrence of vaginitis.


    All underwear, towels, bath tubs, etc. used during the onset must be scalded with boiling water. It's best to replace it.

In particular, do not use paper towels that have been left outside for a long time in wet weather. Stop sexual life during treatment. Stop using antibiotics, birth control pills, etc.

Lactobacillus microecological preparation can be used as a supplementary treatment. Strengthen the efficacy.

Diet control

Eat less spicy and irritating food, quit smoking and limit alcohol, and eat less sweets. Avoid irritation. Including scented tampons, sanitary napkins, irritating soap, shower gel and lotion.

After going to the toilet, wipe from front to back. This will prevent the spread of fecal bacteria into your vagina. Strengthen exercise and enhance immunity. adjust your mindset.

Use latex condoms. Avoid spreading infection through sexual contact. Wear loose, pure cotton breathable underwear.

If the foreskin is too long, it is easy to hide the dirt and spread the germs to the fairies. So boys, also have to take responsibility for the health of the girls. Wash hands and chickens before sex. Rub it clean.


Q & A

Q: Can you get vaginitis without sex?

A: Yes. Vaginitis is not exclusive to adult women. Conditions such as decreased immunity and changes in hormone levels may cause vaginal flora imbalance and cause vaginitis.

Obstetrics and gynecology clinics often have children who have been diagnosed with vaginitis.


Q: I heard that Ayurvedic medicine is quite useful, can it be used?

A: Ayurvedic medicine may be useful. However, the initial diagnosis is still recommended for hospitals to standardize treatment.


To see Ayurvedic medicine, you must choose a regular hospital. Don't go to those traditional Ayurvedic medicine health halls where you can see at a glance that your palace is cold and blood is stagnation and infertility.

Of course, some people get ill through some more magical ways.


Q: Lactobacillus vaginalis is less, can I eat more yogurt?

A: Yes. Although generally that there is no use of eggs. There is no evidence that it is effective for vaginitis. But eating yogurt is always good.

Finally, all females should remember:

See a doctor. To a regular hospital. Don't seek medical advice everywhere and think about it yourself.

It’s okay to bother with trouble and spend money. If you run into bad profiteers or medical care, it’s also hopeless for us to wipe our buttocks from a minor illness and a serious illness.






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