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Why is Smoking Harmful and How to Quit?

Why is smoking harmful to health? What are the quick ways to quit smoking?

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health, and now it is clearly stipulated that smoking is prohibited in public places, but many smokers still spray clouds and smoke, and second-hand smoke is very harmful to people around them. Why is smoking harmful to health? Although many smokers want to quit smoking but can't find a good way, today I will give you some tips for quickly quitting smoking. Take a look.


Approximately 3,000 people die from smoking every day, and 1 million people are killed by cigarettes every year. If they are not taken at this time, there will be 2 million people every year in 2030 and 3 million people every year in 2050. Until the end of this century, smoking-related diseases also claimed more than 500 million lives in the world.


Why is smoking harmful to health?

Most of the harmful components in tobacco smoke are the same as the products of fuel combustion or other harmful components in the environment, but there are several special harmful components, which must be noted:


1. Nicotine:

Also known as nicotine, after entering the respiratory tract, 90% is absorbed by the lungs, 25% of which can enter the brain within 7s, produce excitement, and accelerate the physiological activity of the entire cardiovascular system.

Long-term smoking will produce a dependence on nicotine, which makes people lose energy after over-excitement, memory loss, work efficiency and multiple organs.


2. Tobacco tar:

It is a product of incomplete combustion of organic matter in tobacco. Nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons can cause cancer, and heavy metal cadmium can accumulate in the body and cause diseases such as asthma and emphysema.


3. Hydrogen cyanide:

Highly toxic substance that can cause acute death of cells due to the inability to absorb oxygen. The hydrogen cyanide in tobacco has a chronic effect on the human body.

It can weaken the defense function of the respiratory tract by inhibiting the movement of respiratory cilia, causing sputum accumulation, causing inflammation and even cancer.

Quitting Smoking

In addition, hydrogen cyanide also affects vision, which can cause visual loss and damage to the retina.

What are some tips to Quit smoking?

Shredded shredded water: Draw shredded shredded tobacco into the boiled water like tea, when you want to smoke, include a sip of shredded shredded shredded water. Most people hate this taste, and they will slowly lose favor with cigarettes.


Eliminate tension:

When a person is in a state of stress, smoking is a way to relieve tension and anxiety. If you want to eliminate anxiety, you may wish to change your working environment, work procedures; in public places, you may wish to use chewing gum or fruit instead of cigarettes, you can also take a short break, exercise to divert attention.


Throw away smoking tools: items such as ashtrays, lighters, cigarettes, etc. that are irritating to quit smoking are thrown away.


Don't quit smoking alone:

​​When you quit smoking, ask your friends or colleagues to quit smoking together, because they live and work with you. When they smoke, they will cause you a lot of temptations. People who are not determined will probably not be able to withstand temptations.

Smoking again. In addition, when you quit smoking together, you can encourage and supervise each other.



When you feel that the episode of addiction is unbearable, you may take a shower with warm water for about 20 minutes. This can completely relax the body and mind and promote blood circulation. In addition, the shower can also wash away the smell of smoke on your body, it is easier to break the thought of smoking.


Quitting smoking has a long way to go, and it will not be done in a day or two. Remind yourself from time to time and be prepared to quit smoking for a long time.


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