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Hypertension Method to Keep Blood Pressure Stable and Blood Vessels Elastic


Golden diet rule of hypertension, so that your blood pressure is stable and the blood vessels are elastic

In the traditional sense, it is usually the elderly who are older who are prone to high blood pressure. Now, with the continuous development of society, the fast food diet and the number of diplomatic entertainments increase, the manifestation of hypertension is getting younger and younger, and many young people are unfortunately suffering from hypertension.


In order to lower blood pressure smoothly and maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, in addition to using medical treatment and strengthening exercise as directed by the doctor, diet is also a top priority.

Diet is effective in controlling blood pressure

Most people's dietary health management for chronic diseases such as hypertension often simply presents the "giant of speech, dwarf of action". Most people know that a healthy diet is effective in controlling blood pressure, but in the end, careful implementation is rare. 

Why do you say this way? Let's take a look with you.


Why is it difficult to insist on high blood pressure diet?

1. Traditional habits

The traditional habit of hospitality in the bones of many people determines the difficulty of fulfilling the management of high blood pressure diet. 

For example, when going out to socialize, smoking and drinking are indispensable, and drinking and smoking can indeed increase social interaction, and can narrow the gap between people. 

But while socializing, we need to ensure that we are not neglecting health.


2. Poor self-control force

Poor self-control is also a reason that cannot be ignored, and many people cannot bear the temptation of a heavy taste diet.

According to research, the daily salt intake of each of our residents has reached as much as 13g, which is significantly higher than the standard of 6g of salt per person per day recommended by the World Health Organization.

However, some single people are not used to cooking, and feel that the cooking process is cumbersome. They generally choose to eat fast food, but they do not know that the salt content in fast food is often excessive.


Some people have a three-minute heat. They just started to follow the doctor's instructions to perform high blood pressure diets. They are still enthusiastic and full of confidence. In their view, a light diet for a long time is not as good as a monk. There are too many restrictions in life. If the diet should be limited to salt, this is unbearable.


3. Lack of Cardiac Knowledge

According to the survey, many people do not know what hypertension is, let alone the connection between dietary health and hypertension, and also do not know that obesity is a key risk factor for hypertension. 

All these are due to our lack of knowledge about hypertension.

The above are some reasons why it is difficult to maintain the control of high blood pressure diet. 

So what are the guidelines for high blood pressure diet control? 

The golden rule of high blood pressure diet

Regarding the dietary health management of hypertension, the American College of Cardiology recommends that patients with hypertension should abide by the golden rule of the DASH diet. Dr. Wheat translated and summarized the following points:


i. Stick to a low-salt meal

It is not difficult to stick to a low-salt diet. The doctor requires us to consume less than 6g of salt per day. The amount of salt should also remove the sodium contained in the soy sauce used for cooking. For a detailed conversion, please refer to 3ml of soy sauce equal to about 1g of salt. 

In addition, hypertensive patients should also prevent the origin of these high sodium in daily life like beer, carbonated drinks, MSG, fermented food, canned food, preserved products, seafood and so on.


ii. Stick to a low-fat diet

Hypertensive patients should strictly follow the guidelines of a low-fat diet and restrict the intake of animal fats. 

It is best to choose vegetable oils for cooking oils and not animal fats such as lard. 

In the selection of ingredients, it should also prevent the intake of animal viscera with rich cholesterol content such as liver, kidney, brain flower, etc.


iii. Adhere to a low-sugar diet and consume more dietary fiber

Hypertensive patients should pay attention to the dietary intake of sugar should not be excessive. On the contrary, the diet should also strengthen the intake of dietary fiber, which helps reduce hypertension and heart, kidney and brain damage. 

Daily diet foods rich in dietary fiber are cabbage, mustard, rape, winter melon, loofah, radish, eggplant, leek and so on.


iv. Stick to a high-potassium and high-calcium diet

Potassium has the effect of lowering blood pressure and protecting the heart, so patients with hypertension should properly add foods rich in potassium, such as soybeans, sweet potatoes, corn and buckwheat in grains of cereals, bananas, oranges, Peaches, etc., potatoes, green beans, lettuce, green onions, celery, rape etc. rich in potassium in vegetables.


Blood Pressure Regulation

Calcium ion plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of hypertension and complications. 

Maintaining sufficient calcium in the body helps lower blood pressure. 

Foods rich in calcium are: soybeans, milk, tofu, laver, kelp, cheese, etc.


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