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What are the Special Predatory Skills of Huge Whales?

Special Predatory Skills of Huge Whales

Whale is a biological being. Health and medical rules apply on them as on other living beings. But these possess special skills. (Whales are written in this article, but do not include Dolphins, Pufferfish, and Porpoises. It only includes larger cetaceans, including other families of the baleen whale and toothed whales. Baleen whales have teeth when they are fetuses. In sperm whales the skull is as large as one-third of the entire body. At least, whales can learn the hunting skills of others. Whales are the top predators in the sea.


Killer whale preying on dolphins

The name of whale (Cetacea) comes from the Greek. Cet is derived from the word Ketos, which means sea monster. When such a huge behemoth appeared in the ocean, the ancients said, is Jenimah a god? 

It's a sea monster. Whales are divided into toothed whales and baleen whales. Toothed whales are not as big as baleen whales. But the activity is agile.


Baleen whales eat, called filter type. Toothed whales are called predators when they eat. There are three types of toothed whales, those that eat squid, those that eat fish, and those that eat meat.


Let me talk about baleen whales first. Baleen whales have teeth when they are unborn. But when they grow up, they all disappear. It can be seen that it also originated from species with teeth. 

Baleen is not a kind of calcium and other inorganic salts like teeth, but something made of chitin, like comb teeth. 

What is chitin? 

It is a kind of thing connected by acetylglucosamine as a monomer, which is the hard shell of shrimp and crab insects.


Baleen whales are very large. One is because the krill and small fish are small in size, but there are many. The more you eat, the bigger your appetite, and of course the bigger your body.  

As an animal that is similar to eating grass, baleen whales have very weak attack power and must increase their physique to protect themselves. 

In fact, eating krill on the sea floor is really similar to eating grass.


The throat of a baleen whale is indeed very small. Since the individual of the food is small, there is no need to have a wide throat. 

A slightly larger fish cannot be swallowed. It can be seen that people can't swallow it even more. But it is not easy to swim out. It is estimated that you have to get some motivation. 

After all, baleen whales are under too much pressure when swallowing water. That is, the moment you opened your mouth, there was a chance.


There are 200-300 pieces in the mouth of a whale. One can imagine how big the mouth is. The baleen of the blue whale is 90-110cm long and 50-60cm wide. Sometimes it is ivory white, sometimes it is yellow, and sometimes it is hell black.

It is tall and grounded. The baleen of the blue whale is black. Baleen can be made crafts. And can be a skirt for girls. Especially good. 

How many times better than plastic with plasticizer. So the whale was killed.

Of course there is still oil.


Baleen whales are also eaten in two ways. One is called swallow filter type. Swallow water and food into your mouth, then close your mouth and squeeze out the water with the pressure of your tongue. Then swallow it. The blue whale is like that.


Showing skills of Huge whales

The other is the skimmer type, which is to swim quickly on the surface of the water with a big mouth open, revealing a little head. When the food in the mouth is almost done, the mouth is left off the water and the water flows down by gravity. Then swallow. 

Humpback whales are of the skimming type. In comparison, humpback whales are really very smart. Let's talk about it below.


The whale's body is so big that it has a very big head. The skull of a sperm whale is one-third the size of its entire body. However, it is hard to say whether IQ can catch up with humans. 

At least whales have not developed a civilization like ours. Anyway, you remember, a big head doesn't necessarily mean a high IQ. 

The elephant's head is also bigger than a human. And the whale's brain is actually not big, it is mainly thick bones and fat inside. At least, whales can learn the hunting skills of others. Learn when you see it.


For example, originally humpback whales leaned under the krill group to blow bubbles to confuse the krill, and gather the krill together to prey. Moreover, humpback whales swim in circles, forming a bubble net. Krill has a low IQ and cannot swim out if there is no gap. 

They can only wait for the humpback whale to swallow it. But in this way, there is less oxygen in the lungs, and the persistence time is shorter. 

Krill flocks are usually close to the surface of the water. There is a humpback whale that is smarter and has innovated the bubble making method. It uses its tail and fins to make bubbles to gather the krill together, so that you can eat more krill. La. Then the other humpback whales have learned... and there is no patent or anything.


There is also the story of a humpback whale. In other words, sometimes there are no fish, humpback whales will go to the bottom of the sea to catch small fish. Humpback whales can't swallow big fish. 

They like to eat jade tendon fish on the bottom of the sea. Similar to eels, this fish will always hide in the sand on the bottom of the sea. 

Humpback whales will make a "tick" sound, especially when hunting together, they will keep ticking, then the sand will be affected by resonance and vibrate, and the small fish in the sand will jump out. This is really the call of hell.


Would you like to have another humpback whale story. The humpback whale swims on the surface of the water while eating. 

If you don't shoot the bubbles or tick, you will sprint the predation method, open your mouth more than 90 degrees, and the width of your mouth is more than 4.5 meters, horizontally, sideways, and tilted. 

Anyway, you will go to the krill group. In order to open the mouth of the blood basin, the wrinkles on the body were stretched. Hmm wrinkles...


Like eel whales, they belong to baleen whales and eat krill. However, more fish tend to eat than krill. 

Is there any more special hunting skills than humpback whales? 

They like to open meals at 5-10 am and 14-18 pm. I won't eat at noon. People do not eat in the afternoon. Don't eat at night. Although there are only two meals a day, it does not seem to be unhealthy.


After talking about baleen whales, let's talk about toothed whales. Let me talk about the sperm whale first. After all, it is the largest toothed whale. Sperm whales basically do not eat fish, and mainly eat various squids and various octopuses. For example, what sail squid, claw squid, octopus squid. 

The so-called octopus is an octopus. Look at the sperm whale eating takoyaki every day. 


Squid is preyed

These squids also roll up and down in the sea, reaching a depth of more than one thousand meters. The sperm whale is even more ruthless, 2500 can dive. The biggest food of sperm whales is king squid. It's a very big sea monster squid. 

The king squid is very big, and the average size is 20 meters, and the big one can reach up to 80 meters, which is almost a sea monster. The king squid does not eat the sperm whale, but the sperm whale eats the king squid. 

The two animals beat each other. The king squid is also very fierce. Look, this is the remains of the king squid.

Sometimes sperm whales also eat fish, when there is no squid. Such as cod. Why do you have to eat squid, because although the sperm whale is a toothed whale, it has no teeth on its upper jaw, or even if it has teeth, it has no function. It is very small and just shows up. 

Only the lower jaw has real sharp teeth, which are 20 cm long and 10 cm in diameter. And the teeth of the lower jaw are all the same. Can't bite, can only chew roughly and swallow. So cuttlefish is the best food with a thin shell and soft flesh.


Whales and squids have evolved together. It's like the leopard and antelope evolved together to run faster. The cuttlefish ink jet escape ability. Discoloration, jet propulsion, big eyes, sperm whale nose, sonar, body structure, gastrointestinal tract, etc., all evolved together. Is it fun?


In addition to sperm whales that eat squid, there are also pilot whales and sword-nose whales.


Killer whales prey on great white sharks

Only the killer whale, the killer whale, eats meat. Penguins, seals, dolphins, and all are eaten. Even the blue whales dare to touch them if they are clustered.


All kinds of whales eat 280 million to 500 million tons of marine animals a year, which is equivalent to 3-6 times the annual human marine catch. Can you really eat it? Moreover, whales can destroy fishing nets, hinder operations, disperse fish schools, and even eat in the nets. IQ is high enough.

 The Japanese use this reason to hunt whaling. But most scientists in the world disagree with the Japanese thinking. Most whales eat krill and fish that humans do not eat. For example, the jade tendon fish on the bottom of the sea is really uneaten and cannot be caught. Therefore, it is naive to think that there are more whales without fish. 

Didn’t you see that there are no more deer without wolves? Predators are useful. And humans cannot be considered predators. Because human beings take it all. God more than God.

Whales are the top predators in the sea. Its status is self-evident. But humans kill too many whales. Especially unintentional killing, such as fishing, such as making loud noises. A whale is an animal extremely sensitive to sound, and there is no sound on the bottom of the sea. 

Humans make too much noise. When there is too much noise, whales will feel unloved, so they washed up on the beach and died. Anatomy revealed that most stranded whales had inner ear bleeding and damage to the brain, larynx, and auditory system. 

It can be seen that most strandings are caused by humans. Damn, the noise is so boring.


Hope you like whales and are willing to protect them. It is best not to watch and disturb them. May there always be whales in the world.


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