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How to Treat Mitral Regurgitation?


How to Treat Mitral Regurgitation?

Mitral and tricuspid regurgitation can generally be treated with oxygen, drug therapy and surgery.

Infographics showing mitral regurgitation

The treatment methods for mitral and tricuspid regurgitation are as follows:

1. Oxygen Inhalation for Mitral Regurgitation

Oxygen inhalation is to inhale gas with an oxygen concentration greater than or equal to the oxygen concentration in the air through a nasal cannula or a mask to improve the hypoxia state.

Generally speaking, the most common problems are the heart and lungs, as chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, or other lung problems can affect the intake of oxygen, while reducing the amount of oxygen in the body, leading to hypoxia.


2. Drug Therapy for Mitral Regurgitation

Drug therapy mainly refers to the general term for all diseases treated with chemical drugs or traditional Chinese medicine, mainly to help patients control the progression of the disease, prevent complications, and facilitate the recovery of patients. Because drug treatment can shorten the course of the disease, or improve the patient's clinical symptoms, reduce the patient's discomfort, or increase the patient's resistance to the disease. Drugs are common for a variety of diseases. 

Chronic diseases require long-term use of safe and effective drugs to maintain the stability of the condition, so everyone should go to a regular hospital.


3. Surgical Treatment for Mitral Regurgitation

Surgery refers to the excision, repair or replacement of damaged organs or some organs with morphological defects by surgical methods. It can effectively relieve or improve the symptoms of certain genetic diseases and relieve the suffering of patients.

Surgical correction is the main means of surgical treatment. Deformities caused by genetic diseases can be corrected, repaired or removed surgically.


What Matters need attention for patients with mitral and tricuspid regurgitation?

Matters needing attention for patients with mitral and tricuspid regurgitation: 

First, pay attention to a low-salt and low-fat diet on the diet, and also control the daily water intake, so as not to gain weight every day.

Secondly, if the patient has edema, it is necessary to control the weight, which can reduce the retention of water and sodium in the body, reduce the load on the heart, and help improve heart function.

Finally, you can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, which can supplement vitamins and potassium on the one hand, and prevent constipation on the other hand.

Image explaining mitral regurgitation

Alcohol and tobacco should also be avoided, and stimulating beverages such as strong tea and coffee should be avoided. Because these dietary factors can induce cardiac insufficiency or heart failure, they may also cause various types of arrhythmias.


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