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What are the Special Predatory Skills of Huge Whales?

Special Predatory Skills of Huge Whales Whale is a biological being. Health and medical rules apply on them as on other living beings. But these possess special skills. (Whales are written in this article, but do not include Dolphins, Pufferfish, and Porpoises. It only includes larger cetaceans, including other families of the baleen whale and toothed whales. Baleen whales have teeth when they are fetuses. In sperm whales the skull is as large as one-third of the entire body. At least, whales can learn the hunting skills of others. Whales are the top predators in the sea.   Killer whale preying on dolphins The name of whale (Cetacea) comes from the Greek. Cet is derived from the word Ketos, which means sea monster. When such a huge behemoth appeared in the ocean, the ancients said, is Jenimah a god?  It's a sea monster. Whales are divided into toothed whales and baleen whales. Toothed whales are not as big as baleen whales. But the activity is agile.   Baleen whales eat
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Is Organic Food Not Good for Health, Actually?

  Do you think organic food is good? That is a Lie, Don't be fooled! Just like other commercial products, in order to obtain high profits, food and beverage companies have followed the trend and launched products with the "organic" concept as the main product. In the past few decades, people's demand for organic food has shown an explosive trend, and supermarket shelves are also full of various organic foods. If you want to be recognized as pure organic food , the product must be grown and processed in accordance with USDA guidelines.     Just like other commercial products, in order to obtain high profits, food and beverage companies have followed the trend and launched products with the "organic" concept as the main product. In the past few decades, people's demand for organic food has shown an explosive trend, and supermarket shelves are also full of various organic foods.   Since the 1990s, the sales of organic food have doubled every yea

Hypertension Method to Keep Blood Pressure Stable and Blood Vessels Elastic

  Golden diet rule of hypertension, so that your blood pressure is stable and the blood vessels are elastic In the traditional sense, it is usually the elderly who are older who are prone to high blood pressure. Now, with the continuous development of society, the fast food diet and the number of diplomatic entertainments increase, the manifestation of hypertension is getting younger and younger, and many young people are unfortunately suffering from hypertension.   In order to lower blood pressure smoothly and maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, in addition to using medical treatment and strengthening exercise as directed by the doctor, diet is also a top priority. Diet is effective in controlling blood pressure Most people's dietary health management for chronic diseases such as hypertension often simply presents the "giant of speech, dwarf of action". Most people know that a healthy diet is effective in controlling blood pressure, but in the end, careful implemen

What does Research Reveal about Brain Eating Amoeba?

  Research reveals the mystery of brain-eating amoeba targeting the brain Nagri Amoeba flexneri is small and sinister. All it needs is liquid splash. Brain-eating amoeba (amoeba) will enter the swimmer's brain through the nose unconsciously. Once something happens, the chance of survival of the intruder is almost zero. "They have food cups that look like giant suckers on their bodies," says Francine Cabral of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, USA. "Then they will start eating their brains."   Now, researchers have discovered why there is a close relationship between this deadly amoeba and the brain. This research breakthrough is expected to develop life-saving drugs.   This amoeba, called Nagri Amoeba flexneri, usually lurks in fresh water, but it sometimes causes infections in hot springs and unhealthy chlorinated swimming pools. In the 35 cases reported in the United States from 2005 to 2014, there were only two survivors. In August of th

The Lancet COVID-19 Vaccine Human Trial Data

  First in the world: The Lancet China COVID-19 vaccine human trial data This is the world's first official COVID-19 vaccine human clinical trial results, and it is also the world's first show of adenovirus carrier COVID-19 vaccine. The results are quite optimistic.   Previous discussions on the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine focused on antibodies (humoral immunity), which may have caused the public to misunderstand that the effectiveness of the vaccine is only reflected in antibodies.  This study mentioned the importance of cellular immunity, and then discussing the performance of vaccines, we should consider both antibodies and cellular immunity. Aadenovirus vector vaccine from Academician Chen Wei is safe, says The Lancet In the middle of the night on May 22, the international authoritative medical journal "The Lancet" published online the results of the world's first human clinical trial of a COVID-19 vaccine, showing that the adenovirus vec

Is the New Coronavirus Artificially Made?

Is the new coronavirus artificial? Was it leaked from the laboratory? Latest evidence is here The epidemic of the new crown virus is spreading globally, and there is no conclusion as to the origin of the virus. Today, six top scientists from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia published articles in the authoritative Nature Medicine journal, pointing out the possible source of the virus.     The new crown virus has 3 different characteristics Through genetic analysis of the new coronavirus and comparing it with other known coronaviruses, scientists have discovered that the new coronavirus has three significant characteristics.   1. The combination with ACE2 is unique Like the SARS coronavirus, the new coronavirus also binds to human ACE2, and then enters human cells to cause infection.  It can be simply understood that there is a key on the virus, which can open the lock on our human cells. After the virus opens the door, it enters the human cell.   Ho

Does Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine have Low Antibody Value?

  What do you think of the low antibody value of China's COVID-19 vaccine? A hidden worry about vaccines in China Putting aside the value part of this table that attracts attention, what is really important is the choice of vaccine antigen. At this point, there is a hidden worry about vaccines in China, which is worthy of detailed analysis and pointing out. On August 13, the results of phase I/II human clinical trials of the inactivated COVID-19 vaccine of Zhongsheng Group Wuhan Biotechnology were published in the international medical journal Journal of the American Medical Association , becoming the world's first officially published clinical trial data of an inactivated vaccine , The data on immunogenicity has attracted the attention of the industry.   Weibo netizen is a netizen who is engaged in biomedical research in the United States. He compiled the seven vaccines that have released immunogenicity data into a table for reference and comparison.   In the table