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Coxsackie Virus Diagnosis Treatment and Prevention

Diagnosis Treatment and Prevention of Coxsackie Virus Coxsackievirus (Coxsackie Virus) is an enterovirus. It is divided into two types, A and B. It is a common virus that infects the human body through the respiratory and digestive tracts. After infection, people will develop fever, sneezing and cough. Wait for cold symptoms. Coxsackie virus was first obtained in a stool sample in 1948 by Dr. Gillbert Dalldorf and his colleagues in the search for a cure for polio disease, and was named after it was found in Coxsackie, New York.  Like other types of enteroviruses, coxsackie virus can be transmitted through fecal-oral and oral-oral routes. Among them, contact with contaminated water, food and soil of infected people can cause fecal-oral transmission. Under normal circumstances, most infants and young children are recessive.  While under 5 years of age, especially children under 3 years of age, detoxification can last up to one month. After the virus infects the

Loose or Relaxed Vagina Tightening

Relaxation of Vagina What should I do if my child's vagina relaxes after birth? Know that every woman enjoys the process of being a mother, because being a mother is very happy, even if you have a baby, you have a complete family. Sometimes, although happy, sometimes it is not sexually blessed, because the birth of a child will lead to vaginal relaxation, and vaginal relaxation will affect the quality of sexual life. So, what should be done after the child is born? Procedures to improve vaginal relaxation Traditional methods to improve vaginal relaxation at different levels: So, how should postpartum women, or women who have already experienced vaginal relaxation, do pelvic muscle training? The traditional Chinese health-care method of "collecting anus and lifting gas" can be well forged practice pelvic muscles.   Natural Method to Tighten Vagina Every morning and evening in a fresh air place, inhale deeply after inhaling. At the same time, like anxiety

Physiological and Pathological Mosquitoe Floaters

What are the differences between physiological floaters and pathological floaters? What are the differences between physiological and pathological flying mosquitoes after the birth of a child? What are the differences between physiological and pathological flying mosquitoes? Experts believe everyone can guess literally. It is true that this is an ophthalmological disease. People with flying mosquitoes will have dark shadows shaking in front of their eyes when they are looking at things, and the vision is not clear, and flying mosquitoes can be   Flying Mosquitoes Mentioned flying mosquitoes, I believe everyone can literally guess that this is an ophthalmic disease, the fact is true. Patients with flying mosquitoes will have black shadows swaying in front of their eyes when watching things, and the vision is unclear. Flying mosquitoes can be divided into physiological and pathological types. Below I will introduce you to physiological flying mosquitoes and The difference betwe