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Mysterious Disease X Appears

  alert! Mysterious "Disease X" appears in Africa A mysterious unknown pathogen "Disease X" (Disease X) appeared in Africa. According to foreign media reports, in the remote town of Ingende in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a female patient developed symptoms similar to Ebola hemorrhagic fever-high fever and diarrhea. But so far, she has repeatedly tested negative for Ebola and is currently under quarantine. The reasons for her symptoms are still a mystery.   This inevitably causes people to worry, what if this patient is not infected with Ebola virus?  On the contrary, what if she is the mysterious and terrifying "Disease X" patient zero?  The report also said that the fatality rate of this mysterious disease is as high as 50% to 90% as the Ebola virus.   "We are all scared," said Dadin Bonkole, the patient's doctor. "The Ebola virus is unknown, and the new coronavirus is also unknown. We have to be afraid of new dise