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Hypertension Method to Keep Blood Pressure Stable and Blood Vessels Elastic

  Golden diet rule of hypertension, so that your blood pressure is stable and the blood vessels are elastic In the traditional sense, it is usually the elderly who are older who are prone to high blood pressure. Now, with the continuous development of society, the fast food diet and the number of diplomatic entertainments increase, the manifestation of hypertension is getting younger and younger, and many young people are unfortunately suffering from hypertension.   In order to lower blood pressure smoothly and maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, in addition to using medical treatment and strengthening exercise as directed by the doctor, diet is also a top priority. Diet is effective in controlling blood pressure Most people's dietary health management for chronic diseases such as hypertension often simply presents the "giant of speech, dwarf of action". Most people know that a healthy diet is effective in controlling blood pressure, but in the end, careful implemen