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London Mint, UK issues COVID-19 Commemorative Coin

Issue of COVID-19 Commemorative Coin by London Mint

On January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom officially broke away from the European Union and immediately issued a Brexit commemorative coin to remember this historic turning point in the United Kingdom. Due to the particularity of its subject matter, it triggered the world as soon as it was released.

On January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom officially broke away from the European Union and immediately issued a Brexit commemorative coin to remember this historic turning point in the United Kingdom. 

Due to the particularity of its subject matter, once it was released, it triggered the competing reports of the world's major media. 

Recently, with the global proliferation of new coronaviruses, it has caused tremendous harm and economic losses to the people of the world. 

In front of the disaster, there are no countries, no skin color, countless white angels in the world and anti-epidemic heroes from all walks of life go forward and succeed, fighting against the invisible enemies with the flesh and blood and defending the safety of human life.
2 Coronavirus Commemorative Coins Issue

Coin issue to pay tribute to the medical staff

In order to commemorate this special historical event, pay tribute to the medical staff on the front line of the anti-epidemic and "hero retrogrades" from all walks of life, remember the great spirit of the people all over the world to fight the epidemic. 
The British London Mint has issued the world's first set of commemorative coins to fight COVID-19.

International media reports on two commemorative coins issue

There are two commemorative coins, each with a face value of 50 pence and a heptagonal shape. The pattern on the front is unified as the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, and the main pattern on the back are: 
Medical staff wearing protective clothing, the World Health Organization logo-the snake emblem, and the English words:
"To commemorate the global Fight against COVID-19 ( Commemorating the global fight against COVID-19) ", 
English words:
" To hail those as heroes in harm's way (to pay tribute to the most beautiful retrogrades) ", which vividly expresses the confidence and determination of people all over the world to overcome the epidemic.

Combat COVID-19 commemorative coin renderings-front and back element display

Compared with the Brexit commemorative coins, these two COVID-19 commemorative coins are more important in terms of subject matter and background. 

At present, countries around the world have issued a series of stamps against the epidemic, including Iran, Vietnam, Bosnia and China. 

This set of COVID-19 commemorative coins is the world's first commemorative coin variety to fight the new coronavirus series. 

This is a commemoration of a special historical event, but also a tribute to the heroes who are fighting on the front lines, the great spirit of remembering the people of the whole world and fighting against the epidemic.


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