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Epidemic Data Released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States

Epidemic data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States. The White House, and Trump at their most dangerous time

According to the epidemic data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6:30 on May 10th, Beijing time, the cumulative diagnosis of the United States was 1.3 million +, and the cumulative deaths were 78,000+. Compared with the data at 6:30 the previous day, there were 24298 newly confirmed cases and 1717 new deaths in the United States. Diagnoses, deaths, new additions, the United States is far ahead of other countries, the world's only superpower is veritable, and other countries will not catch up or catch up.


The most important thing is that there are people around the three heavyweights in the United States infected with the new crown virus. These three heavyweights are also dangerous!


On May 9, Katie Miller, the press secretary of US Vice President Pence, was diagnosed with the New Coronavirus.

Then, the personal assistant of US President Trump's daughter Ivanka was diagnosed with the New Crown Virus.


The day before, Trump's personal follower tested positive for the new coronavirus.

The close-knit personnel of "top leader", "second leader" and "top daughter" have been infected with the new crown virus, indicating that the new crown virus has captured the White House.


The White House has fallen, and it has reached the most dangerous time. In the past, Trump, Pence, and other senior White House officials conducted weekly tests for new coronavirus, but now they are tested once a day.


Many Americans are worried about Trump. According to the usual practice, the people around Trump, Pence, and Ivanka have been diagnosed with the new crown virus.

These three heavyweights will be quarantined for 14 days, but except for Ivanka’s self outside of segregation, Trump and Pence do not seem to be segregated.


COVID 19 Epidemic Data

Isn't it? On May 8th, the day when Trump was diagnosed by his personal entourage, Trump also attended the 75th anniversary of the victory of the US-European battlefield.

There were also many veterans who were all over 95 years old. Not only did Trump talk to the veterans, but as always he did not wear a mask. Trump was dangerous, and the veterans were particularly dangerous.


What if Trump has an accident?

According to US law, Vice President Pence should act as president. However, Pence is also very dangerous. If Pence has an accident, then Pelosi, the third speaker of the US House of Representatives, should act as president!


Pelosi, who is it? Trump's rival. If it was Pelosi’s turn to act as president, Trump might be really finished

The new coronavirus has captured major American systems:

The medical system, the military system, especially the aircraft carrier, the government system, and the Congress system. Now, the United States feels very difficult to deal with:


First, all agents of the US Secret Service confirmed the diagnosis

What does the Secret Service do? Defend the senior officials of the White House, defend Trump, Pence and others. However, many people in the Secret Service are infected with the new coronavirus, indicating that the new coronavirus has captured the core of the White House.


How many people are infected by the Secret Service?

This is a state secret, and the outside world has no way of knowing it. However, the outside world can see clues from reports in American media:


On May 8, the US media revealed that 11 members of the Secret Service were diagnosed, 23 members recovered, and 60 members were quarantined. The Secret Service’s new crown epidemic is definitely not serious, but particularly serious.


There was a problem with the Secret Service members who defended the White House senior officials. Are the White House senior officials very dangerous?


Second, many US health officials will isolate themselves

1. Fuch, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, member of the White House Outbreak Response Team, is known as the "Captain of the United States Anti-epidemic."

Because Fuchs had low-risk contacts with White House staff who tested positive for the new coronavirus, Fuchs will begin to isolate itself. Fuchs was quarantined, which definitely had an impact on the US anti-epidemic work.


2. Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, personally admits that some of the people who died of severe flu in the United States may have died from the new coronavirus.

Because of contact with people infected with the new coronavirus, Robert Redfield will also conduct self-quarantine for 14 days. Can the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Quarantine have no effect on the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in the United States?


3. Stephen Hahn, director of the US Food and Drug Administration, who had been in contact with a person who tested positive for the new coronavirus, will also perform self-quarantine for the next 14 days.


So many health officials will isolate themselves, can it not affect the US epidemic prevention work?

In order to shift the realization and shirk its responsibilities, the US government's passive prevention and control of the epidemic can only keep dumping the pot.

However, the pot in the United States is too large to be dumped, and it can only be carried on its own. Not only that, the dish dumping in the United States has also been criticized and violently counterattacked by the international community.

The image of the United States plummeted, and the reputation of the United States disappeared.


1. Three top academic journals "Nature" magazine, "Science" magazine, "Lancet" magazine launched a general attack on the spread of "political virus" in the United States.


The three top academic journals unanimously strongly condemned the conspiracy theory of the New Crown Virus in the United States, and became a strong force in the public opinion field to "disrupt anyway".

They emphasized the importance of seeking truth from facts and respecting science. In particular, "the virus will not discriminate-all of us have Risk ".

They firmly believe that" a fair and just voice will eventually become the common voice of mankind ".


2. Experts and media from many countries pointed out that countermeasures are the root cause of the serious epidemic in the United States. The United States dumps its pans to shirk its responsibility and cover up its own mistakes.


The director of Japan's "Inheritance and Development Murayama Talks" said Fujita Takahide:

    The root cause of the rise in the number of new infections and deaths in the United States to the number one in the world is the negligence and carelessness of the US government itself. In order to cover up this fact, the United States deliberately attacked other countries in order to cover up its own responsibilities and attempted to pass through.


Martin Jacques, a senior researcher at the University of Cambridge and an expert on Chinese issues, said:

    The US government's response to the new crown epidemic can be said to be a disaster, and the number of deaths in the United States is very telling.

The US government's response to the epidemic is far from adequate, and it is too late. The United States government is very irresponsible for suspending the payment of dues to WHO.

This epidemic is a global problem, and responding to the epidemic requires the efforts of all countries and global cooperation.


CNN published a commentary article saying:

The US government is defaming other countries with unjustified charges and throwing its own problems to other countries.

The allegations made by the US government are unfounded, and such allegations are dangerous.


When the United States is at its most dangerous time, when will it be lost?

The United States really wants to go all the way to black, and can only dig its own grave to bury itself.

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