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Mysterious Disease X Appears


alert! Mysterious "Disease X" appears in Africa

A mysterious unknown pathogen "Disease X" (Disease X) appeared in Africa. According to foreign media reports, in the remote town of Ingende in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a female patient developed symptoms similar to Ebola hemorrhagic fever-high fever and diarrhea. But so far, she has repeatedly tested negative for Ebola and is currently under quarantine. The reasons for her symptoms are still a mystery.


Deadly Disease X

This inevitably causes people to worry, what if this patient is not infected with Ebola virus? 

On the contrary, what if she is the mysterious and terrifying "Disease X" patient zero? 

The report also said that the fatality rate of this mysterious disease is as high as 50% to 90% as the Ebola virus.


"We are all scared," said Dadin Bonkole, the patient's doctor. "The Ebola virus is unknown, and the new coronavirus is also unknown. We have to be afraid of new diseases."


How the new disease x virus spreads?

Once the new virus begins to spread between humans, on the edge of a forest or in a vegetable market, the consequences can be devastating. The new crown virus has proven this, and the Ebola virus has also proven it. In most scientific publications, there is an assumption that as humans continue to destroy wilderness habitats, more infectious diseases will spread. But this is not "if" but "when".

The solution is clear. To protect forests is to protect humans-because there are deadly weapons in Mother Nature’s "arsenal".

How much impact will "Disease X" have on the future?

According to a document recently released by the World Health Organization, the WHO pointed out 8 diseases that may detonate a global threat in 2018, including a mysterious "Disease X". "Disease X" can be formed from many sources, including chemical weapons


Is disease X an exact virus?

Disease X is not an exact virus. X stands for unknown, undetermined, and super strong. The origin is unknown, the pathogenic mechanism is unknown, and the drug use is unknown. We may even know how it spreads after paying a huge price. 

Disease X is not far away from us, modern genetic engineering and many uncontrollable factors, extremely powerful pathogenic microorganisms are very likely to be produced. 

When using biological genes in nature, more research should be conducted on human genes, disease-causing genes should be eliminated, and human immunity and other capabilities should be strengthened. 

In short, disease X will appear sooner or later, but we must ensure that in its first wave, there are enough humans carrying resistance genes to survive to continue human civilization.

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